Corrections | 60 More Quick Knits in Cascade 220 Sport

#2 Baltic Mittens, pages 7-10

Updated: 25Apr2012

Correction is underlined

Page 7
Corrugated Rib
(multiple of 4 sts)
Rnd 1 *K2 with A, p2 with B; rep from * around.
Rep rnd 1 for corrugated rib.


#4 Bull's Eye Beret, page 14

Updated: 15Nov2011

Correction is underlined.

Dec rnd 3 *K8, S2KP, k8; rep from * around - 102 sts.



#9 Diamond-Leaf Lace Scarf, page 32

Updated: 27Oct2011

Chart 1 should have an L and an R inserted on row 11, to the left of the red repeat line, in line with the first 5 sets of L and R.



#11 Nordic Mittens, pages 36-39

Updated: 15Nov2011


Click here to download the revised charts #1 and #2 [PDF 68KB]


#17 Cabled Mittens, pages 54-57

Updated: 06Jan2012

Bold typeface was omitted for the name of one technique in the Stitch Glossary

page 54

Drop st and yo Drop the next st and allow it to ladder down, then yo with working yarn.

#19 Lace-Panel Scarf, page 60

Updated: 15Nov2011

Row 7
ends with 29 sts.


#20 Cabled Ski Cap

Updated: 04Feb2014

Please note the following corrections to the chart.
In rnds 30, 32 and 52 the second cable in the repeat should be an RPC.
In rounds 52 and 54, the unidentified slashes should be worked as 2-st LC.


#24 Striped Earflap Hat, pages 73-75

Updated: 08Nov2013

Clarifications to the earflap instructions are underlined.

Row 4 Bind off 14 sts, k26 for earflap, bind off 14 sts, k26 for earflap, bind off 14 sts. Cut yarn.

Earflaps (work one at a time)
Rejoin yarn to work first earflap as written.
When earflap is complete, cut yarn and rep for 2nd earflap.


#37 Flower-Motif Beanie, page 109

Updated: 12Jun2011

1. Replace the following definition -

Stitch Glossary

3-st LPT Sl 2 to cn and hold to front, p1, k2tbl from cn.

2. Insert the following heading and move beginning of instructions - 


With smaller circular needle, cast on 120 sts.



#39 Two-Color Cabled Mitts, pages 116-118

Updated: 25Apr2012

Correction is underlined

Page 116
Right Mitt
Row 43 (RS) Work 29 sts in pat as established, pm, M1, k2, M1, pm, work to end - 46 sts.

2. Row 49 With A: k5, p2, sl next 6 sts on cn and hold to back, k next 6 sts, then k 6 sts from cn. With B: k6, p2, k2, sl marker, M1, k8, M1, sl marker, work to end - 52 sts.

Page 118
Left Mitt
Row 43 (RS) Work 13 sts in pat as established, pm, M1, k2, M1, pm, work to end - 46 sts.



#40 Drawstring Cowl/Hat, page 120

Updated: 15Nov2011

Correction is underlined

Rnd 36 was omitted from pattern.
Please make the foll change:

Rnds 36 - 42 *P3, k1, p3…cont as written.



#47 Fair Isle Tam, page 139 - 141

Updated: 13Mar2012


Download the corrected chart #3 [PDF 29KB]



#56 Houndstooth Scarf, page 164 - 165

Updated: 12Jun2012

A double asterisk (**) was omitted from the pattern. It should be placed in the middle column on page 164, to the left of the first "BEG CHART PAT I" as follows:


Row 1 (RS) With A, knit.

Row 2 With A, purl.

Rows 3 and 4 With A, knit, dec 1 st in center of row 3 - 39 sts.


Work same as above.