Corrections | Knitting On the Edge

by Nicky Epstein


Corrugated Rib, page 17

Should read "multiple of 6 sts plus 1"


Basket Rib II (2 color), page 18

Work as for Basket Rib I, working rows 1 and 2 with A and rows 3 and 4 with B until desired length.



Hurdle Rib, page 40

Corrections are underlined

Row 1 (WS) Knit.
Row 2 (RS) *K1, p1; rep from * to end.
Rep rows 1 and 2 until desired length.
Con as desired.


Dotted Chevrons, page 91

Correction is underlined

Row 9
K1, *k8, yo, sk2p, yo, k9; rep from * to end.Work even in St st until desired length.


Cogwheel, page 95

Correction is underlined

Row 12 Replace all Inc 1-b with k1B (k1 in the row below).


Saxon Braid, pages 105 and 163

Corrections are underlined

Row 6 K5, k1 tbl, p2, 2/1 RPC, p3, 4-st LC...
Row 14 K5, k1 tbl, p2, 2/1 LPC, p3, 4-st LC, p4, 4-st LC, p3, 2/1 RPC, p2, k1 tbl.

Balanced Rings, page 105


Correction is underlined

Row 16
K5, k1 tbl, p4, 1/1 LPC, 1/3 RPC, [p1, k1] 5 times, p1, 3/1 LPC, 1/1 RPC, p4, k1 tbl.

Fancy Leaf Edging, page 129

Updated: 17Feb2009

Error in Rows 3, 5, 7, 9 - replace k1 tb1 with k1 tbl.



Ruffles, Layered Ruffle Bag, page 161

Correction is underlined

Cast on 49 sts for lower edge. * Work in St st until piece measures 1.5"/4cm from beg.


Sugar Drops, page 163

Correction is undelined


Row 11 K1, yo, k9, yo, k1—13 sts. Break yarn and leave sts on needle. On same needle, cast on 1 st, work 3-Bobble cluster and then rows 1-11 as before to make another cluster and point.


Work ross 1-11 of sugar drops...then work rows 13-18 of sugar drops once, then rows 15-18 once more.



Stitches, page 164

Corrections are underlined

2/1 RPC
S1 1 to cn and hold to back, k2, p1 from cn.

The following stitches were omitted:
4-st RTC S1 2 sts to cn and hold to back, k2 tbl, k2 tbl from cn.
4-st LTC S1 2 sts to cn and hold to front, k2 tbl, k2 tbl from cn.