Corrections | Vogue Knitting On the Go! Baby Blankets Two

Sheep Motif Blanket, page 18


Sheep motif charts on pages 20 and 21 do not line up. Work 25 sts in A on rows 71-82 before sheep motif.



Felted Blanket, pages 24 and 25

Correction is underlined


One size 10.5(6.5mm) circular needle 36”/90cm long OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE



Shell Stitch Coverlet, page 91

Updated: 08Feb2021
Corrections are underlined

(beg as multiple of 9 sts plus 5)
Row 1 (RS) K3, *yo, k8, yo, k1; rep from * to last 2 sts, yo, k2.