Corrections | 50 Knitted Gifts for Year-Round Giving

Sweetheart Lacy Cowl pages 22-23

Updated: 12Dec2013

In row 15 of the chart, the indicated sssk should be worked as ssk.



Easter Egg Toppers, page 35

Updated: 08Aug2014

2-st RT Sl 1 st to cn and hold to back, k1, k1 from cn.



Mother's Day Ruffled Scarf, page 48

Updated: 15Jan2020

Correction is underlined.
Row 65 Work as row 61.



Emerald Isle Lap Blanket

Updated: 09Apr2014

Chart 3, row 11, stitches 21–24 -- the symbol should be a 4-st RPC.



Sweet and Slouchy Hat, pages 58–61

Updated: 08Nov2013

1. The center cable in the chart rep on rounds 1, 3, 5 and 7 should be the 4-st RC. The 5-st RPC is worked in the rounds after the increase in round 8.
In round 8 the double increase should be replaced by a single increase, worked by knitting into the front and back of the stitch.

2. A corrected chart and stitch key is available. [PDF 68KB]



Star Spangled Bunting, page 81

Updated: 09Apr2014

Correction is underlined.

Row 4 K2, *dcd, k4; rep from * to last 5 sts, dcd, k2.