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Majestic Mazes: Enchanting Mandala Mazes: Puzzles to Ponder and
Majestic Mazes: Enchanting Mandala Mazes: Puzzles to Ponder and
  • Model: 978-1-942021-46-9

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Winner of:

  • Body Mind Spirit Book Award
  • Family Choice Award
  • Indie Book Award
  • Independent Press Award
  • Creative Child Book of the Year Award
  • National Indie Excellence Award
  • Foreword Indies Gold Book of the Year Award

Elizabeth Carpenter brings her maze-making talents to a beautiful collection of mandalas. Each of the 30 mandalas in this book have been made specifically for adult coloring, while Elizabeth has cleverly created a brain-teasing maze running through each one. These mazes are not the typical easy types you may remember from your childhood. They are truly challenging brain-teasers that instantly draw in all who see them. Each mandala/maze in Majestic Mazes: Enchanting Mandalas is printed on perforated pages to allow for easy removal and display. Combining the calming nature of mandalas and coloring with the engaging task of working through a winding maze makes for an activity that stimulates both the creative and critical parts of the brain. It's a perfect pairing for all who want to explore new aspects of adult coloring.

By Elizabeth Carptenter with Aurélie Ronfaut
Paperback with flaps
ISBN-13: 978-1-942021-46-9
10 x 0.5 x 12 inches • 72 pages