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Details:Cecil Frances Alexander's beloved hymn comes to life in this beautifully illustrated coloring book. Each line of the familiar hymn is written in a full page of lovely text and accompanied by an evocative black-and-white image to complement the words. Peaceful landscapes, delightful flowers, and charming birds and other animals grace the pages of this inspiring coloring book that celebrates God's creations. The entire family will enjoy filling ... more info
Animal Odyssey: Coloring from the Familiar to the Fantastic

Animal Odyssey: Coloring from the Familiar to the Fantastic

Model: 978-1-942021-56-8
Price:   $14.95


Details:Chris Garver's newest offering for adult coloring fans is a beautiful continuation of his detailed illustrations for the bestselling book Color Odyssey . Featuring a wide array of animals and environments rendered in Chris's exquisite style, Animal Odyssey offers the same graceful imagery and distinctive elements that have made Chris such a breakout star in the adult coloring world. His growing base of fans will love this new collection of ... more info

Details:Packed with both casual and dressy looks—from a chic fur-trimmed pullover to an exquisite ankle-length dress—this book is a sophisticated collection that knitters of all skill levels will turn to time and time again. Anny Blatt's long career spanned the same era as other celebrated French clothing designers such as Coco Chanel, Lanvin and Patou. Since then, great care has been taken to follow the tradition of the great couture ... more info

Details:Get away from the everyday with this world tour of exciting destinations to color. From the landmarks of London and Paris, to the romance of the Taj Mahal and Mount Fuji's cherry blossoms, to the mysteries of the Amazon Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, each beautifully detailed illustration is a virtual vacation. Select your destination, choose your colors, and begin your incredible journey. The 36 illustrations in this book celebrate ... more info