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Details:In Drawing Cartoons from Numbers , the latest addition to the hugely successful Drawing Shape by Shape series, best-selling author Christopher Hart has created his most inventive characters yet. Expanding his quirky cartooning expertise into the realm of numbers, Chris offers a wildly creative collection of cartoon characters all drawn with a simple number as the starting point. The construction of each character-shown in detailed, step-by- step ... more info

Details:60 Quick Knits for Beginners: Easy Projects for New Knitters in 220 Superwash from Cascade Yarns 60 Quick Knits for Beginners is an essential volume for every novice knitter and for anyone picking up needles for the first time. A technique book and pattern book hybrid, this latest edition in the beloved 60 Quick Knits series instills vital knowledge of core knitting techniques while remaining accessible and fun. Illustrated step-by-step ... more info

Details:Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book, Completely Revised and Updated First published in 1989 to meet the needs of the growing fashion knitting community, Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book instantly became a trusted and beloved resource for knitters. The second edition, released in 2002, only further cemented its place as the most trusted knitting resource. To date, more than 1 million copies across both editions have been sold. ... more info

Details:In today's digital age, people crave the touch of the handmade. Lettering is a timeless art form that is experiencing a renaissance of popularity. In Hand Lettering Step-by-Step , artist Kathy Glynn demonstrates how to create lettering styles that are expressive, beautiful, and romantic. After explaining the basics of three main forms of lettering—modern pointed-pen, brush lettering, and hand lettering—Kathy demonstrates how to ... more info

Details:Cecil Frances Alexander's beloved hymn comes to life in this beautifully illustrated coloring book. Each line of the familiar hymn is written in a full page of lovely text and accompanied by an evocative black-and-white image to complement the words. Peaceful landscapes, delightful flowers, and charming birds and other animals grace the pages of this inspiring coloring book that celebrates God's creations. The entire family will enjoy filling ... more info
The Master Guide to Drawing Anime: Amazing Girls

The Master Guide to Drawing Anime: Amazing Girls

Model: 978-1-942021-84-1Price:   $19.95


Details:In this follow-up to the best-selling Master Guide to Drawing Anime , manga master Christopher Hart focuses on some of the most popular characters of Japanese anime: the dynamic and beautiful women and girls. Aspiring anime artists will learn all the ins and outs of creating these stunning heroines, schoolgirls, and other essential female characters. Basic templates make it easy to draw the head, hairstyles, clothing, body proportions, and more. ... more info

Details:60 More Quick Baby Blankets: Cozy Knits in the 128 Superwash and 220 Superwash Collections from Cascade Yarns With the incredible ongoing success of 60 Quick Baby Blankets , it is no surprise to learn that knitters are begging for even more. 60 More Quick Baby Blankets offers 60 more projects with the trademark quality and unrivaled quantity that fans of the 60 Quick Knits series have come to expect. From simple-yet-impressive knit/purl patterns ... more info
Seed Stitch: Beyond Knit 1, Purl 1

Seed Stitch: Beyond Knit 1, Purl 1

Model: 978-1-942021-64-3Price:   $21.95


Details:Seed stitch was first recorded in 1649 when King Charles I wore a seed stitch waistcoat to his beheading. Centuries later, it is still one of the most used stitches among knitters. Surprisingly, little has been done to adapt seed stitch's rich texture or combine it with other knitting techniques—until now! In this groundbreaking exploration of seed stitch, Rosemary Drysdale, well-known author of Entrelac and Entrelac 2 , uses seed stitch ... more info

Details:One of a knitter's favorite things to do is create something with sumptuous texture, and the tuck stitch, a simple technique that adds surface design to a knitted garment, is the ultimate way to do just that. Tracy Purtscher has explored and perfected this technique in her exciting new book, Dimensional Tuck Knitting . In it, knitters will learn the basics of the tuck stitch and just how easy, versatile, and fun it is. This collection of more ... more info
Kawaii Journal with Hugs on the Side

Kawaii Journal with Hugs on the Side

Model: 978-1-942021-83-4Price:   $12.95


Details:Though the name might not be familiar, the adorable characters of the super-popular Kawaii genre of manga are unmistakable. Hello Kitty and the creatures of Pokémon are just some of the most recognizable Kawaii cuties. From loveable anthros to funny monsters to cute Goths, these colorfully graphic characters are incredibly fun to draw. Artists of all ages will love the Kawaii Journal with Hugs on the Side . With guided prompts from manga ... more info